How can you not see that there is intelligent design and a deliberate “Designer”?

An answer to one of the questions in my post, Questions theists ask atheists, comes from a letter to the editor of Long Islands Newsday news paper. The letter provides the best response to the question of a deliberate designer of the world is from Dr.


Can you prove there is no god?

You have heard the questions. When a theist learns you are atheist they invariably show surprise and start asking questions. “Surely you must believe in something?” they ask with worry. “Do you believe in Satan?” some will ask with a sense of terror. The common response to the theist is, “A god does not exist.” To wit, the theist responds, “Can you prove there is no god?” An unprepared atheist may respond with a set of logical reasons against accepting a god is real that conflict with the theist’s emotional reasons to believe in a god.


Questions theists ask atheists

An atheist is someone who does not believe in a god. There is no religion or dogma associated with being atheist. Atheism is to not follow a god-based belief system; atheism is not its own belief system. People who believe in a god or who follow a god-based belief system, religion, or dogma are deists; those who believe that a god revealed itself to people are theists.